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And why is he saying all those terrible things on YouTube?
Rocco Giuliano first appeared on Boston independent regional superstation WSBK-TV38 hosting the summer movie presentation, "TV38's Saturday Night Drive In." Rocco's presence generated enough buzz that two summers later he returned to the station with a regular slot as "Boston's only 'Underground' movie host" of his own movie presentation venue, "38 Late." For his work on the show, Rocco received two EMMY nominations in Hosting and Writing, as well as notice in the local press. Rocco continued to appear on the station in guest slots on specials and locally originated programming, until the station changed ownership in 1996.
Rocco is also familiar to New Englanders for his insights into topical issues, as featured on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition." Rocco has taken on everything from the New England Patriots to City Hall, turning Boston on its attentive ear.
In the mid-80s, Rocco's views and opinions were presented in a syndicated radio program called "Verbal Assault." The show was carried by many college and "progressive" radio stations, as well as international "pirate" broadcasters, including Music Radio Holland, The Voice of Venus, Fantasy Broadcast Service and the legendary Radio Free Augsburgh of West Germany.
Rocco's radio career began in 1979 when he produced commentaries and editorials for WEIM, a 10,000 watt FM radio station in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
During his checkered past, Rocco has been a beatnik poet, a photographer and a roadie for the Boston-based cult rock band, "The Ultimate Spinach." Rocco was immortalized in their ballad, "Fragmentary March of Green," from the album "Behold & See." If you listen carefully, you'll hear his name is chanted in the chorus like a lyrical litany. Honest!
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