Your pals THE RADIO HOOLIGANS think you kids oughta learn more about the world around you. So let's start with France, okay?

Those darn French are just plain strange when it comes to food. They eat snails. They drink coffee out of dollhouse cups. And they act all snotty when you ask 'em to translate the menu into English. Look, it's all food, right? No sense being picky. Just eat what they bring you. It can't be that bad.

Unless of course, it happens to be a steaming bowl of....



The dialogue is as follows:

SFX: blub-blub-blub-blub
MAN: Waiter, what's THIS in my soup!?
WAITER: Monkey butt, M'seur. The butt of the monkey. Where the poo poo comes out.
MAN: Yes, but what's in doing in my soup!!!???
WAITER: I believe it's blowing bubbles, Monsieur!
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Authors: The Radio Hooligans (J. Tyburczy & H. Dane)
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